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Ultimele 2 posturi au fost sterse din motive lesne de inteles

Am gasit o lista interesanta numita  "100 Things I Learned from the Movies".
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I Did Not Know That About...Medicine/ History/ Decorating/ Monsters/ Sports/ Animals
Travel tips
 Life lessons
Totul are un ton relativ amuzant, bineinteles...
I so like it! :D 

·        Be good to prostitutes and one day they'll save your life - Killing Zoe
·         Never trust a computer - 2001: A Space Odyssey
·         Never trust a woman - Blood Simple (see also, Bound)
·        Never trust a man - In The Company of Men
·        Never trust a little boy - A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
·        Never let your house smell like soup - Juno
·        Parents just don't understand; similarly, children just don't understand - Freaky Friday (Lindsay Lohan version)
·         Think twice before you dump pig's blood on the prom queen – Carrie
·        You can accomplish anything with a healthy dose of perseverance and optimism - American Movie
·         You can change what you wear, where you live and how you speak, but you can never change who you are - A History of Violence
·         Just because you're smart doesn't mean you can pass shop - The Breakfast Club
·        Always make your first shot count - Barry Lyndon
·        When you're good to mama, mama's good to you - Chicago
·        You'll never appreciate life unless you're just about die - The Game
·        Life is like a wheel, sometimes you're up, sometimes your down, but all times pass - 24 Hour Party People
·        Some people are just bad - East of Eden
·         And everybody is racist, everybodyCrash
·        Venice is creepy - Don't Look Now
·         The sun doesn't set for like six months in Alaska – Insomnia
·         Rain-forest natives can have agendas, too - Fitzcarraldo

·         To a vampire, the human is the real monster - The Last Man on Earth
·        Shopping malls are great places to ride out the zombie invasion, as long as nobody else knows you're there - Dawn of the Dead (The original)
·        Ouija boards are evil - The Exorcist
·        There is a difference between piss yellow and puke green - American Graffiti
·        A rug really can tie a room together - The Big Lebowski

·         WWII was harrowing, even for Germans - Das Boot
·         Martha Washington was a hip, hip chick; similarly, the 1972 democratic convention was a bitchin' time - Dazed and Confused
·        The depression was bad - The Grapes of Wrath
·         Indians won't take your scalp if you're bald - Jeremiah Johnson
·        Canned fish can kill you - Dead Calm
·        Cranberry juice is great for urinary infections - The Departed
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