sâmbătă, februarie 13, 2010

Self (II)

Momentele acelea nu s-au dus.... si nu s-a schimbat nimic doar pentru ca eu nu mai sunt acolo...am incetat doar sa mai fiu asa de overprotective cu cineva caruia nu-i pasa deloc de mine....and guess what? Nothing changed
Stii uneori imi vine asa de greu sa-ti explic....esti ca un copil caruia i-as vorbi intr-o limba straina..ba mai mult...ma privesti cu ochii aia mici si imbietori...si nu ma lasi sa termin ce am de zis niciodata...
This ain’t me....this has never been part of me....
These are some illusions of the pieces of my soul...the one which you left behind...
These eyes are not watching what you’ve become
These lips won’t whisper the story of your tragedy
These ears won’t hear you scream for help
This girl ain’t gonna come back cuz this girl is the exactly girl that you left some time ago without even wondering if she could make it there...ten feet underwater where you threw her.
This body won’t lay you a hand cuz wha i got it’s instability
And i’ve become so numb but even so my steps will sure as hell not follow the signs you try to emphasize
There’s my shadow and that’s you staring at it...too bad the sun is out
That’s my scarf and there’s my picture
I’ve got a footprint and a closed door
I’m outtaspace and out-of-love
I’m out-of-range and out-of-you
I’m echoeing with my so cuteh ego and the sound i hear it’s pretty...not lieing
I’ve kept you in my heart....you’re in the room „ Things to avoid ”
..you’re welcome!

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