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ABC + 123

Nu sunt adepta lepselor lungi, sau a post-urilor lungi in general dar asta am completat-o..nu stiu..mi-a placut ideea...probabil si lipsa de activitate de azi i-a amplificat efectu' :))
*vazut pe acumaici
**Tipadelaunspe e asteptata sa 'se' completeze ca tot ma intreba ce fac.Ha!


- Available: doar in zilele cu sot.
- Age: 18 and a half
- Annoyance: stupid people do annoy me
- Allergic: to desperate people, and strange smells
- Animal: horse
- Actor: Steven Baldwin, Ben Affleck

- Beer: heineken
- Birthday/Birthplace: 27 iulie ‚90 Ploiesti—who cares?
- Best Friends: maimu, tipa,cichi, vraji....?
- Body Part on opposite sex: lips
- Best feeling in the world: being in the arms of your loved one
- Blind or Deaf: not hearing the voices that wanna hurt me, not seeing the miserable world we live in
- Best weather: HoTtTtTtTtTt
- Been in Love: once
- Been bitched out?I guess so
- Been on stage?when the hall was empty
- Believe in yourself?sometimes
- Believe in life on other planets: don’t care
- Believe in miracles: they do happen if you believe in them..i don’t know if i wanna believe
- Believe in Magic: a little
- Believe in God: yes.
- Believe in Satan: he doesn’t need me to believe in him
- Believe in Santa: no
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: donno
- Believe in Evolution: Involution

- Car: Daciaforever
- Candy: ciupaciups blue
- Color: Blue
- Cried in school: yes
- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican
- Cake or pie: pie
- Countries to visit: Denmark, USA

- Day or Night: night.
- Dream vehicle: ah,lasa-ma
- Danced: damn yes! De ce e la trecut?
- Danced in the rain? In my yard only
- Danced in the middle of the street?at concerts in the street
- Do the splits?: wha'?

- Eggs: fierte tari/ prajite bine
- Eyes: brown
- Everyone has: qualities and flaws
- Ever failed a class?: no


- First crush: mai importanta va fi ultima nu prima ;)
- Full name: Paun Andreea-Cristina
- First thoughts waking up: groove it baby!
- Food: made by my father

-Fruits: melon

- Greatest Fear: being lonely
- Giver or taker: taker
- Goals: happy three friends, happy family tree, happy employee, happy hilarity : ))sort of tralalala
- Gum: orbit with calcium :->
- Get along with your parents? Apparently getting along perfectly
- Good luck charms: neah


- Hair Colour: saten...bleach
- Height: 169 cm ?
- Happy: when I’ve got chocolate
- Holidays: sea-side. Or somewhere with a lot of sun and a pool
- How do you want to die: rapid si fara sa realizez
- Health freak? No
- Hate: inside me

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: black or blue
- Hair Color: any but blonde
- Height: taller than me
- Clothing Style: not dressed the same at two dates consecutively : ))
- Characteristics: funny, respectfull, sincere, courageous, crazy...
- Ice Cream: not really : ))
- Instrument: sssst =))

- Jewelry: bracelet
- Job: vegetator cu diploma

- Kids: kids....are everywhere : )))
- Kickboxing or karate: wrestling
- Keep a journal?not quite....my thoughts are written on my blog

- Longest Car Ride: 580km Ploiesti-Oradea..cam asa
- Love: later
- Letter: last sent/received 2 years ago I think
- Laughed so hard you cried: many times
- Love at first sight: yeah sure.vrajeli

- Milk flavour: milk in coffee
- Movie: Pursuit of happyness, Daredevil, If only, Seven pounds....etc..sunt scrise la about me : )
- Mooned anyone?:”>
- Marriage: I still have time
- Motion sickness?: no.
- McD’s or BK: none

- Number of Siblings: one sister.
- Number of Piercings: none yet
- Number: 12
-Nickname: donno...Deiulina,Paunitza

- Overused Phrases: „como?”, „n-am”....lots of...listen to my friends and you’ll find me : ))
- One wish:if I write it, will it ever come true?
- One phobia:nu zic chiar claustrofobia, dar nu-mi place spatiile mici mici, inguste si intunecoase : ))

- Place you’d like to live: Oradea
- Pepsi/Coke: apa

- Quail: prepelita! Ha
- Questionnaires: asking for oppinions all the time : ))

- Reason to cry: all stupid reasons that exist on this planet
- Reality T.V.: next
- Radio Station: Vibe, 21, EuropaFm
- Roll your tongue in a circle? Yeah i can do that : ))

- Song: The lost song (from The Cat Empire).....sunt mai multe
- Shoe size: 39
- Sushi: cah
- Skipped school: eh...once in a while
- Slept outside: neah
- Seen a dead body?: not the best question...
- Smoked?who wants to know?
- Skinny dipped?nuj ce inseamna
- Shower daily?almost
- Sing well?unfortunately no
- In the shower?noo
- Swear? Ma’ta if you insist
- Stuffed Animals?:three dogs and a cat
- Single/Group dates: single
- Strawberries/Blueberries: blueberry
- Scientists need to invent: teleporter

- Time for bed: cand mi-e somn
- Thunderstorms: huh
- Touch your tongue to your nose?cu ce m-ar ajuta :-/

- Unpredictable: totally
- Under the influence?of moonlight
- Understanding?somehow

- Vegetable you hate: none I guess
- Vegetable you love:cucumber
- Vacation spot: near a pool

- Weakness: forgive too quickly
- When you grow up: I don’t wanna grow up
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: We are all the same and all damn different
- Who makes you laugh the most: me
- Worst feeling: loneliness
- Wanted to be a model?maybe
- Where do we go when we die: everyone goes where it’s meant to go
- Worst weather: cold. windy.
- Walk with a book on your head?de amuzament prin camera.yes

- X-Rays: none?:-s

-Year it is now: 1059 dupa modu’ in care a involuat lumea:-?
-Yellow: asa si?

- Zoo animal: lion
- Zodiac sign: Lion. Mroar

1. Slept in a bed beside you?You don’t wanna know
2. Last person to see you cry?my mom
3. Went to the movies with you?pas
4. You went to the mall with?ioana
5. You went to dinner with?: mum, dad, sis
6. You talked to on the phone?valy
7. Made you laugh?tipu’

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