vineri, ianuarie 02, 2009

I see...

v Oh, papa! Where do birds go when they fly away?

Ø To their homes, my son!

v Oh... and where do worms go when they hide in the ground?

Ø To their homes in the ground, my son...

v Ohh.....And where do people go when they leave the room?

Ø To their son! Oh, silly you! Someday i will be asking you the same questions- where are going, my son? But i will already know the answer..

Still, to get there, you have to be very careful and listen to what i’m going to tell you. These are the pieces of advice which were given to me by your grandfather, and today i see it’s my duty to teach you.

Don’t you ever eat genetically modyfied grass! It’s bad for your eyes..

v Ohh…

Ø Be careful when you fall. Don’t you ever fall in your shell! You might remain..bent around.

v Oh, I see….

Ø Remember when you’ll meat a female tortoise, put your neck in the carapace and let only your head out. This way, you won’t look too bold.

There will be a time when your shell will become yellow and start cracking. Don’t you be scared! This means you will have reached maturity.

v Ohh..ok...but..wait. Papa, why are we moving? Where are we going?

Ø To our son!..

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