sâmbătă, noiembrie 29, 2008

Rainbow country

Who do you think you are?

A human being, like many others surrounding you?

A sun of God, following your destiny?

A puppet living by others’ rules?

A king watching over his empire?

A seed on Earth?

A tree in the woods?

A star in the sky?

A heart in a body?

You are all and you are nothing.

The world you live in is just in your imagination.

The things you see, aren’t exactly there.

The flowers you smell, haven’t bloomed yet.

You say you’re alive…what makes you think that?

The fact that you wake up at mornings and argue with your mother?

The meal you eat at noon?

The friend you call to meet with?

The grannie in the bus who thanks you for allowing her to take your seat?

The things you buy with…papers?

The sun that burns you in a hot summer day?

Ever thought that these things could happen to you even if you were dead?

What’s the point of being alive in a world where everything is dead? In a country where only the leaders are able to enjoy every little piece of what makes a good living, because the leaders are the money itself? In a town where everybody walks with their heads down, where no one wants to help the other, but instead he would do anything to hurt him?

This is not life! This doesn’t make a living…

But when your body is dead, and your spirit sets free, the imagination becomes relity and everything you have dreamt of is now at your feet.

In the Rainbow country you are the sun of God, a happy puppet, you are the king, the world is yours, you are the tree, you make the sea, you are the star, you drive a car, you sleep at day, you wake and say……

Don’t live dying, Die living!

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